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Please note - Additional pricing may apply for larger floorpans, extra dirty or green cleaning.

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Please note - Additional pricing may apply for larger floorpans, extra dirty or green cleaning.

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Property managers and maintenance supervisors have a lot on their plate. Having to shoulder the burden of a move out clean that wasn’t….so clean, is a headache you shouldn’t have to deal with.

Enter Apex! We have years of experience in the industry and have set up shop to create the standard for move out cleans. We are friendly, on time, and meticulous cleaners. Schedule today and see why we’re different!

What our customers are saying

“They are quick and friendly. Kristina and Kyle make easy work of our dirtiest apartments.”

Kara LucasCommunity Manager

“I've been through a bunch of cleaners. Apex is professional, reliable, and it's easy to book them.”

Alex CohenMaintenance Supervisor

“What can I say? They show up when they are supposed to, and I never have to double check their work. Thanks yall!”

Jake DownsProperty Manager

How about a clean start!